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Collaboration over Competition

Problem solving.

The spirit of competition is a sin that destroys individuals' worth, steals youth's confidence, and kills families of God. An unhealthy idea of competition is also the first barrier to knowing Christ within oneself that must be broken into practical stepping stones, which can create a firm foundation on the path to righteousness. Its symptoms of expression range from addiction, homelessness, and unwellness, such as jealousy, envy, obsession, depression, indecisiveness, anxiety, etc., social isolation, racism, family violence, invasion of privacy, unproductive living, and more (whether the cause or effect). "Be the tool" (Dr. Jasmine Reed) to create the life you deserve.

MHAEKs Order of Operations to Solve the School-to-Mental Prison-Pipeline Problem

Tip #1 - Deeply Think about Who You Are, Who You Are Becoming, and How to be an Asset to Others.

Decide who you are with or without the labels/titles, bank statements, material assets, conditions and social capital.

Tip #2 - Deeply Act upon Your Positive Decisions

After accepting your refined self, find an accountability partner or tool to commit to it. Decide how often you want to improve at least one condition in your life. Be realistic about it. Think you can be better? Do better and stick to it."

"The Most Important Work You Will Ever Do Will be Within the Walls of Your Own Home." – Mother Teresa

Tip #3 - Keep Your Momentum through Intentionally Learning.

Recycle your healthy habits, diffuse daily your positive energy vibrations, and reduce unfulfillment.

“Lastly, practicing just a little bit more of who you intend to become, can go a long way in enjoying the fruits of the holy spirit, and helping others achieve confidence to succeed them as well. You can learn more about MHAEK services by joining our group list. Send a detailed email at for more support.

In Closing

Reclaim home-work with MHAEK by designing a safe and supportive concept of home as, your mind, body, spirit, finances, and relationships. Clean house, stay fit and fun, decorate your walls, and enjoy the keys to your authentic sense of peace. Visit Us for more reads. Leave a comment below our post to build a supportive system of MHAEK culture.

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