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Founder Behind the Scenes

Kristie is the founder of MHAEK. She is an MSW who enjoys collaborating and solving problems creatively. She believes in strengthening family structures and supporting systems through her three-step process: 1. Deep Thinking 2. Deep Acting 3. Intentional Learning. "I am looking for collaborative opportunities that empower youth, parents, and their support systems to become assets to their communities. Discover who you are through what you love to do."
Please email me your vision for collaboration. Let's explore.  


  • What is MHAEK?
    MHAEK is a problem-solving curriculum that explores the answer to the question, "Who Am I?" Through art expression, sports, intentional travel excursions, and mentorship, MHAEK aims to transform the fixed mindset into a growth mindset to ensure youth and parents thrive amidst their unique circumstances. The acronym stands for Mental Health Art Expression Kurriculum. MHAEK synergizes one's mind, body, spirit, finances, and relationships by encouraging youth and parents to seek balance between their passions and responsibilities.
  • Who is MHAEK for?
    MHAEK is for but not limited to parents and youth aged 18 years and older. MHAEK empowers youth, parents, and groups from underrepresented populations. Organizations that support youth and parents are highly encouraged to collaborate. Become the best version of yourself through active personal enrichment workshops, priority management mentorships, and a 5-year collaborative plan/ series of events and activities.
  • How can I/ my organization collaborate with MHAEK?
    Email: with your inquiry and allow 24-48 hours for a response. MHAEK is interested in partnering with organizations that support parent engagement and youth 18 years and older, including Athletic Departments & Camps, Colleges & Universities, Public/Private entities, Technology Departments that provide AI and other virtual reality tools, Non-profit Organizations, Foster Family Agencies, Psychologist, Sociologist, Psychiatrist, Law Enforcement, Universities, Trade Schools, Nutritionist, Athletic Trainers, Social Workers (Micro, Mezzo, and Macro), Performing Arts Schools, and more.
  • What is the age range for student members?
    MHAEK collaborates with youth 14 years and older, and parents.
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