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"Learn by Doing," Any Time, Everywhere!

About Us

MHAEK (pronounced meek) is a non-clinical strength-based art expressive curriculum that focuses on improving the well-being of youth and parents through practical, immersive workshops and events.

We are reclaiming "homework" because homework starts at home.

MHAEK helps dismantle the 'school-to-mental prison' pipeline by collaborating with youth, parent engagement organizations, athletic departments, and creative entities through customized support programs and curriculums.

Our Mission:

To strengthen the mindset of youth and parents through creative identity formation workshops and events designed to prevent missed opportunities, maximize self-esteem, and process complex situations. 
Our Vision:

Be an asset to yourself and the world.

Our Values:

MHAEK builds integrity by balancing empathy with self-care. We do this through: 

1. Gratitude 2. Willingness 3. Accountability
4. Priority Management Mentorship & 5. Service

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