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New Year, same God!

Is it just me, or have we gotten better at celebrating the past more than the now? How is it that some leaders and people of today’s society who celebrate the faith and works of honorable activists, pioneers, and trailblazers, on the one hand, oppress and compete with those reincarnated spirits in today's time on the other?

Today, we celebrate history, 'her-story,’ and you - my story- representing a living transformation of humanity, culture, dignity, purpose, and positive social change. The honorable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his followers achieved a significant movement toward justice in pursuit of racial equality. He and many others demonstrated courage, discipline, integrity, and more against all odds. Has too much time passed that we cannot make insurmountable changes in our everyday lives? What changes are you willing to consider in support of your gifts and greatness living inside you? How are you going to feed your soul? Your walk? Your truth, here and now? Who will you lock arms with to protect your freedoms, will, and might? What will you indulge in, challenge, discard, or succumb to when the safety and security of your very existence are at stake? This site is supportive of every being, receptive to becoming more aware of who they are, in search of the essential "work" appointed by your higher self to perform here before you arrived. Here, we will study the works of what “James the Just” meant by “Faith without works is dead.” And once you are reminded who you are, then it is your responsibility to act, make the necessary changes to be fulfilled, and thrive.

Your inner being has been nudging you to put down this world's mandatory conformity, which has diminished our time spent here, and to pick up and put on your authenticity. Who are you? Likewise, who are you becoming more of every day that you wake up to that same ole routine? How are you being an asset to those around you, whether publicly recognized or not? If you are struggling to answer any of these questions, you are in the right place.

Warning: this blog is not a savaging tactic to gaslight, downplay, or falsely expose our current educational system or social service practices (like many have and continue to experience daily). On the contrary, it is a supportive space to acknowledge the concerning outcomes born from these systems. Before we continue, you should know that the foundation of this blog stands on Christ's consciousness and is not favorable to organized manufactured religion. MHAEK's purpose is to empower those entering into or suffering from some form of mental imprisonment caused by unaligned thoughts, environmental factors, toxic behaviors, or undecided goals.

Here, you will find enlightenment in refining dated definitions and beliefs associated with your current living conditions and practical steps to achieve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual fulfillment. If you are interested in learning with me how to become or maintain the best version of yourself, join me for another read where we begin to explain mental imprisonment and how you can start dismantling what I call the “school-to-mental prison-pipeline” at will.

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