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Hu-mility: Personal Armour

Humility is knowing how to transmute pain into compassion for another. Share your narrative. How do you practice humility as an armor of dignity?

A narrative: Who AM I?

Generational pains stifle my voice. My feet are ugly from testy miles a people gained and framed on the way up from challenging experiences. Sometimes, when my adversary distracts me, needs attention, and wants genuine connection, it hurts and feels personal. Sometimes, I want revenge; sometimes, I react when I can respond. Who am I?

Humility is your personal armor that protects your energy from prolonging internal pain and pain onto another. How long have you held onto pain before letting go with forgiveness and trusting the good? Do it immediately for your greater good. Dig deep and cleanse out your emotional energy.

JC encouraged us to forgive everyone, including ourselves. Trust the process is working in your favor. Life is to be lived and shared with others. We learn from the good, the bad, and the indifferent.

Pray that all pain be renewed, transformed, healed, and receptive to love again. Note. Title your first or next journal piece:

  • My adversaries will ultimately push me onto paths leading to my abundant lifestyle!

The first path is purpose. It would be best if you had social and spiritual etiquette for that. The second is self-awareness. Being self-aware improves your decision-making, and the third path is wisdom. Making healthy decisions = Prosperity.

We need patience! More patience with ourselves and others. Exercising humility is about being compassionate. We must positively account for the diversity of God we all are and serve. 

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