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Forgive us, as we forgive those who come for us! (Matthew 6:12)

Updated: Feb 15

What's Love? Spiritual Etiquette. "Do unto others…. Luke 6:31. The first decree of MHAEK's Order of Holistic Operations. But what happens when you fall into the trap that your enemies set for you? They ATTACK, ATTACK, and ATTACK. It is called spiritual warfare, baby! And you had better be prepared to celebrate, for the battle has already been won. They attack your faith, your kindness, your strength, and your creativity because they want some of what you have. They deny their amazing, unique gifts that were designed to be assets for the children of this world because their strengths were neglected by another broken mind, broken vessel, and broken heart. It is hard for them to believe that collaborating with your gifts or any other light pleases the most high. So they lie, cheat, steal, and compete, hoping to get some attention. They feel isolated by God's glory, so they glorify the day you strike back in pain, from anger, without peace. Because then, they feel less alone in their darkness.


The pressure they apply onto you is the swelling of more blessings that you were designed to share. They are hungry for your light and spiritual security. No label, amount of money, or social capital can fill their emptiness. In their trial, you are like a supple woman who was wonderfully created to drain her vitamins, nutrients, and energy that nourish those who depend on her life to thrive. Connect with your enemies through eye contact during feeding time. Continue to feed them with your best quality. Allow them to mock you; crying for more of something tangible to feel, to taste, to hold onto. Allow them to feed off your unlimited supply. Like infants in spirituality, we are ungrateful and convinced that what we need is more important than anyone else because we feel big in a small world. Decide whether you are in this world or of it. And you tell them, "Greater is He/She who is in you than he that is in the world." (1 John 4:4 KJV).

So beautiful spirit, let them try it on: your light. Though they may tarnish your name to others who resonate with your light, hoping to recruit more groups of voids to present an illusion of vastness and space, they are only making room for your goodness. Do not keep them from doing their wicked deeds. Stretch your hands outward, hold their heads up, and watch how they expose themselves, their spiritual accomplices, and their motives. We all are thirsty for spiritual milk and honey and cannot stay full for long periods of time. Stay calm and forgive yourself when frustration is upon you. It will hurt as they bite at you because your love for their growth and healing is stronger than your temporary pain. They may get close, using their mouths, hands, and gestures to mimic your weaknesses, and they will permanently hide their deceptive hands, but help them remember that as long as they are alive, they have a choice. Though they may unknowingly understand how to hold onto what’s good for them, seek direction from your higher source- the ways in which to guide them onto your dispenser of love and passion. Love is unconditional. Teach them, through your giving, that you are not isolated from them. Instead, you are selective. You have nothing to lose. Seek Christ's consciousness. Seek MHAEK.

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