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Align the First Commandment of the Bible with the God in you.

Before we dive into MHAEK's "Order of Operations" to solve the 'School-to-Mental-Prison-Pipeline' (SMPP) problem, let's do a quick review. If you are reading this blog, your spirit energy is alive and capable of living a life worthy of time--spent as freely as you initially inherited it. By now (age 18+), you are expected to be responsible for your mental health, physical appearance, spiritual development, relationship circles, and financial security. However, this expectation can be daunting for some because most of us who sacrificed long hours and years participating in the traditional educational system were not adequately trained to meet those expectations. The spirit of competition initially created to promote motivation and fun has abnormally morphed into outrageous acts of cynical desperation and self-righteousness. Why? Because the traditional education system in which you spent at least 16 years, 6–8-hour days of your life, potentially did not obey or agree with God's specific instructions designed for you. Do not worry, retaliate, or fear, though, because the one who knows all, the one who will never leave you, the one whose love is unconditional, will use every misdirection and injustice for your greater good at will.

Coexisting in a world system of energies, some fester from disrupting, distracting, and, worst, working relentlessly to control vulnerable energies other than their own vibration to fulfill self-satisfying glory artificially. But that is not the "works" that "James the Just" taught us when he said, "Faith without works is dead." (James 2:26). Like many of us who have participated in traditional school systems, you were not encouraged to discover your unique strengths, explore your innocent and pure imagination, or define spirituality as a faith field for disciplined giving and receiving collective energy. You were probably told (indirectly, most times as a demonstration) that if you can suppress your energy for long hours, learn and retain some clever information that may or may not be useful to your unique purpose, and persevere through the molding of standardized institutional conformity, then you were good enough to earn low wages, and "make it" one day. However, generational wealth is not enough to fulfill your ordained purpose, and earning low wages is a spiritual crime that will only align with generational poverty. If you have been subjected to the 'school-to-mental-prison pipeline (SMPP),' what does "making it" mean to you?

Reframe from conjuring up any dollar amount that fits the worldly illusions of success. If you were not already born into modern-day colonial elitism, then the low vibrational experiences you will encounter from thieves, hypocrites, and soulless sentinel-like beings disguised as false teachers, family, and friends are trained to make sure that you never obtain or inherit it. Instead, define in your own words what that phrase means to you. If you want to "make it," make it out of your mental imprisonment of being disconnected from your strengths, truths, and abundant living. You must first believe you have the right to specify what "it" is you are trying to make/create. The first decree to solve the SMPP is to master spiritual etiquette, or as Christ taught, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." (Luke 6:31). I encourage you to persevere through any doubts or frustrations that may arise when trying to awaken your mind full of sleeping ingenious giants. Remember, the only competition is between your higher and lower vibrational selves. If you choose to give up on yourself, you are practically entering the collective jail for unfulfilled purposes at will.

MHAEK aims to meet you right where you are to empower you to no longer conform to liminal thinking, space, and time that may have conditioned you to function in this society from disbelief and, off-course institutionalism. Instead, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12:2) by studying Christ's consciousness. Retrain and reclaim who Christ says you are. Today, deeply think, act, and intentionally explore the notions of becoming the best version of Christ in you, and be determined to become an asset to others.

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